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文本框: 插入办公楼图,轮播Hangzhou RUNPAQ Environmental & Technology Co., Ltd, is a national key high-tech enterprise serving in the field of central air-conditioning, distributed energy & regional energy, new energy, synergetic control of building & environment & energy. We have integrative certification of mechanical & electrical installation and building intelligentized design & construction, production license of measurement production, and is able to contract projects of building mechanical and electrical installation, building intellectualizing, distributed energy, combined cold & heat & power supply and new energy application.
RUNPAQ initiates a low-carbon building energy route with the concept of “low-carbon energy, future of architecture”:
1. Developing energy-saving technologies to improve the electricity efficiency and reduce the energy needs;
2. Developing new energies to reduce the dependence of building on mineral energy.
RUNPAQ owns many core technologies on VAV and CAD central AC, soft central AC, thermal energy storage device, solar energy & biomass energy utilization, distributed energy & regional heating/cooling, energy metering & efficiency management, building smart control system, flow meter and smart water industry, and can provide professional energy-saving services in mechanical and electrical maintenance, system operation and energy management contract.
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Manufacturing base
----RUNPAQ Green Factory
The biggest base that manufacturing thermal storage products and AC auto-control products in China. Main Products: Nano-Composite Plastics Ice-on-Coil, VAV box, low temperature diffuser, radiant cooling panel, electromagnetic flowmeter, cooling/heating energy charging device, thermostat.